"Lots" of Problems...Lots of Solutions


Friends and Family,

Today the Austin market is so incredibly busy, and I want to take a second to:

1. catch my breath!

2. Tell you a great story about the challenges I was faced with for a seller in Travis Heights this weekend.

My client’s own a lot in Travis Heights priced at $550,000. It’s an empty lot with a survey available, and building plans from the previous owner. There’s a low point running through the lot - creating challenges and possible additional expenses for a potential buyer. The good news is the story of how my real estate team overcame these challenges.

Step one: We conferenced with multiple professional builders to discuss possible challenges with the lot. This allowed us to get an accurate idea of what would be the best price and design on the lot. Most importantly: these expert opinions allowed my team to present creative solutions for potential buyers.

Step Two: In addition to the “obvious” marketing plan we traditionally establish for our sellers, we reverse prospected on MLS. This extra step allowed my team to contact agents who have clients searching for this particular property.

Step Three: We contacted a professional zoning company named Zoneability. This company allowed our team to present the highest and best use for the land through their unbeatable technology.

I’ve included a link below to the Zoneability website. It’s an awesome resource for potential buyers and sellers in the Austin market. It’s also a great website if you’re a real estate nerd like me!

Ps. I forgot to tell you the best part of our story! We received a cash offer on this unique property and we are set to close at the end of this month. You can take your chances in this insane Austin market, or you can trust our team to provide the best service Austin has to offer. The choice is yours!

Wishing you all a productive week.

Stay Cool,

The Marilyn Williams Team