Does Your Brokerage Have A Retirment Plan?


Joe and I have always had specific plans and goals for every aspect of our lives. We realized years ago we didn't have an retirement plan for our real estate business. Yes, we have investment property and have a lot of equity in our home and do hard money lending, but we have worked very hard for years helping our clients achieve their Real Estate Goals. We just couldn't abandon them if we were to become physically or, heaven forbid, mentally impaired. So we started our quest by talking to successful agents at other brokerage companies. Through our research we came up with one company that would allow us to achieve our goal - eXp Realty. First and far most eXp Realty is an Agent-Owned Brokerage. With eXp Realty we can purchase stock in the company as well as bring other liked minded agent's into the business. What does this mean for our clients? The Marilyn Williams Team is training agents to continue our legacy in the Austin market. If you would be interested in hearing more about eXp Realty just reach out to me and we can have a cup of coffee or tea and see if eXp Realty could help you achieve your goals.

Stay Cool!

Marilyn Williams